Analyzer X PRO

Derive Intelligence from Data

“This is my favorite part about analytics: Taking boring flat data and bringing it to life through visualization.” John Tukey, Mathematician

Critical decisions in an organization are made with better data. However, in today’s world, making sense of the influx of data from a number of different sources has turned out to be a big challenge. Decision makers often incorporate these sources into their analysis working in Microsoft Excel or other traditional tools, which requires writing complex formulas and code, or relying on others in the organization to build the right dataset needed for analysis. This is where Analyzer X Pro comes into the picture.

Analyzer X Pro is a sophisticated data analytics platform to make the tasks of data preparation and complexity of analysis easy to perform and understand. Analyzer X Pro can consume data from a number of different data sources in a number of different data formats. In addition to providing data analytics, Analyzer X Pro offers a plethora of features for sharing access to analytics for employees of the organization, filtering data in real-time based on various criteria, multi dashboard views, real-time view switching, export for printing and more.

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Key Features

Multiple Chart Types

Visualizing data in the form you prefer is critical to great decision-making. Analyzer X Pro makes that possible by offering visualization on multiple chart types.

Multiple Data Sources

Analyzer X Pro provides the ability to connect to various data sources and formats including CSV, XML, TXT, and Databases – Access, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, Postgres and more.

Custom Widgets

Analyzer X Pro makes it possible for you to create charts from data sources and save them as widgets. Other employees, depending on permissions, can use saved widgets.

User Dashboards and Views

Every user in the system has different dashboards they can setup themselves. A user can create and switch between multiple dashboard views, with each view containing a different set of widgets of their choice.

Real-Time Filtering

Users can click on a widget on their dashboard to open the detailed view. Detailed view contains filters that users can use to filter the dataset in real-time and update results.

Export Options

Analyzer X Pro provides multiple options to export results from analytics to different document formats like PDF, PNG, JPEG and more.