Business Process Consulting and Automation

Business Process Consulting & Automation

Business Process Automation is basically devising a business strategy that aims to integrate the applications and diverse departments within the organization, automate the processes, restructure the organization including the employees and use secure software to perform the different tasks.

Automating complex business processes helps enterprises improve performance, bring down operating cost and increase transparency. NAGA helps enterprises achieve, through their processes, operational efficiency with productive measures and lowered costs.

We believe, the key to a successful Digital Transformation is having a strong Digital Platform that can help create, manage and distribute ever-growing large amounts of unstructured content seamlessly on not just one, but across several platforms including Desktop, Web and Mobile.

How we Work

Step 1: Discovery
Average Discovery Time: 8 Hours

The first step is for us to study and understand your business workflow and processes carefully. Our team will comb through all operations, applications and everyday processes. The more we know about your current processes, the better we will be able to design your new system.

Step 2: Architecture
Average Architecture Time: 4 Hours

We develop a Workflow Architecture, strategy and roadmap towards creating a Customized Digital Platform aligned with your business objectives. We select technologies and solutions with great care to make sure that our services not only help you address your business challenges, but also are also unbelievably cost-effective and fast.

Step 3: Implementation
Average Implementation Time: 40 Hours

Once the design is finalized and approved, we start implementing the end-to-end digital solutions, including digital portals, collaboration platforms, process automations and content management systems, to meet your business needs. The solutions also go through a stringent QA process before they are approved for release to users. Actual users then test the solutions and confirm their acceptance or provide feedback.

Step 4: Data Migration & Automations
Average Data Migration & Automation Time: 24 Hours
(only applicable if you want to transfer data from your old system into the new system)

If you wish to continue using your existing systems for various purposes (eg: Quickbooks for Accounting or SalesForce for online sales or others), it is absolutely fine to do that. We can create Automations that can automatically link our solutions to these third party systems by way of APIs or direct integrations. Furthermore, we can also develop custom scripts to pull in data from these different systems into our solution. End result is that you manage your entire business from one system, which handles everything automatically and connects to other systems for higher levels of efficiency and productivity.

Step 5: Delivery
Average Delivery Time: 10 Hours

Once the final solution is ready for delivery, our team of experts, with proven expertise in multiple delivery models, ensures a streamlined delivery experience. We walk you through the solution step by step to make sure you are completely satisfied and knowledgeable about your system. Not just that, we also offer maintenance packages, by way of which our team ensures that the delivered solution is aligned with the intended business operations over time with regular monitoring and performance checks.