CAD Automation

CAD Automation

We offer CAD Automation services to enable you achieve higher levels of efficiency, accuracy and productivity using you CAD software. While CAD packages are a great tool for computer aided design and drafting, they offer myriad of tools and commands that are not optimized for use within your organization.

Combining our expertise in CAD technology and software development, we offer unique solutions that are greatly optimized for use by CAD operators in an organization. This allows engineers to develop highly innovative solutions very quickly and easily without being concerned about the typical day to day activities, thereby increasing overall efficiency and productivity.

We can create a customized CAD environment with the user interface and functionalities customized to the way an organization uses CAD Software. Our team consults with your organization to determine how CAD software is used and proposes a highly optimized solution to acheive high levels of efficiency, speed and productivity.

CASE STUDY: Quality Assurance

In an effort to automate the CAD processes in a government agency, Naga Info Solutions team interviewed personnel at the Quality Assurance Department. These interviews highlighted problems that we believe are typical of organizations which deal with verification of complicated CAD drawings as part of the quality assurance process. This report highlights the findings of these interviews, provides our analysis of the findings, suggests a solution to the problems found and evaluates the solution after implementation. Our observations are typical of the state of practice in similar areas and this report and the solutions found are applicable to other organizations doing manual verification of CAD drawings. Read more..