Commerce Giant

Advanced eCommerce for Industrial Selling

Commerce Giant is a sophisticated e-commerce solution for selling industrial products like machines, tools and equipment, along with their accessories and composite parts in a very intuitive and interactive way. The platform offers advanced features for managing everything for your operations in multiple countries.

Every business is unique and we understand that perfectly well. Our architecture is highly extensible and flexible and can be shaped to meet your specific business needs. You can continue using your existing internal software systems of your choice and we will adapt our e-commerce solution to adapt to your current systems and processes.

Commerce Giant is developed ground-up to cater to both B2C and B2B transactions. Our solutions makes commerce intimate, omnipresent and contextual, thereby helping your customers develop a long-lasting relationship with your brand. Your company, in turn, benefits from increased revenue, reduced customer abandonment and increased customer loyalty.

Key Features

Advanced Design & Presentation

Advanced Catalog Management

Commerce Giant provides advanced tools for managing your entire catalog of Products, Parts, Accessories and More. The tools allow you to not just add or import (from csv) product/part data into the platform, but also categorize the products into various categories and sub-categories. The platform also allows you to define product attributes and attribute groups for each brand or category yourself.

Diagrammatic Parts Presentation

Commerce Giant’s unique presentation of composite parts of a machine or tool in a diagrammatic view helps customers view and order parts in a very user-friendly and intuitive way. Multiple view and diagrams can be added for a product from the back end console and parts within the diagrams can be easily marked using tools within Commerce Giant.

Menu Designer

Create Customized Designs for each one of your menus items with Commerce Giant’s Advanced Menu Designer. Offer your customers a visual shopping experience that matches some of the leading e-commerce platforms in the market. Customize everything about the menu starting from the colors, background images, layout and much more.

Fully Managed Banners & Content

Commerce Giant provides you with all the necessary tools for managing content from the back end console. You can manage everything on your store starting from main page banners, inner page banners, promotional products, articles, product pages, category pages, brand pages and more. You do not need any IT knowledge to make these changes.

Customizable Views for Businesses

Provide your Business Customers/Partners with detailed information that can be customized by them according to their preferences. Our extended search view allows your customers to choose which fields they view in search results, how much stock is available in each country, what the lead-time is, when the product is expected to ship and many other details specific to Business customers.

Customizable Brand & Category Pages

Commerce Giant allows you to create customized brand pages for Manufacturers and Category pages within brands for a highly tailored look specific to each brand. Maintain a brand identity for your brands for a very professional brand presentation and also to please your suppliers and manufacturers by giving their brands and products a unique look and presence on your site.

Superior Cataloging

Different Products Models & Versions

Commerce Giant allows you to categorize Products, Parts and Accessories differently. Each product, part or accessory can have a different set of attributes. You can also define different models of the same product. A product or part can also have different versions. Parts or products that have been discontinued can be marked and their replacements can be linked for ease of buyers.

Bulk Import & Export

Commerce Giant provides you with options to bulk import and export products. Adding new products into Commerce Giant is super-easy. You can download reference import file templates for each category or sub-category from the platform, fill them with new/updated data and import products into your store in a single click. Transfer data with other software with ease.

Advanced Product Pages

Commerce Giant provides product pages that are highly feature-rich. Product pages can present a variety of information including Images, 360 Degree Views, Videos, Short Descriptions, Detailed Descriptions, Technical Specifications, Certifications, Document Attachments, Lead Time, Availability in Different Countries, Offers, Pricing with multi-currency and more.

Advanced Pricing Rules

Commerce Giant allows you to define pricing rules for specific users or groups. You can define and apply multiple pricing rules to different categories of users for all products or specific categories or specific products. This way you can give higher discounts to your loyal customers and define different pricing logic within the system itself.

Advanced Visibility Rules

Define various visibility rules that allow you fine-grained control of which user or user group has access to which categories and product. Not just that, but you also can define what details within a product page you want to share with a specific user or group. For instance, you can choose to hide detailed diagrammatic views or stock information from normal consumers and only open them to authorized dealers.

Superior Shopping Experience

Superior Shopping Cart

Commerce Giant’s shopping cart provides advanced functionalities for convenience of your customers. In addition to listing order items, you can sort the line items by name, price, quantity and more. You can also change quantity for individual products from the cart. In addition, your customers can save their cart, load a previous save, generate a quote from items listed, view lead times for each product and more.

Bulk Ordering

Bulk Ordering functionality allows your business customers to order several items at once rather than having to search each product and add them to cart. Commerce Giant presents a Bulk Order form for customers to fill up their orders quickly. The interactive form shows availability and lead times in real-time as the user enters their order. Alternatively, we also provide CSV import functionality for customers to key in the product details for order in a CSV file and import it for bulk ordering.

Order Tracking

Your customers can track their orders on the system with ease. They can view a complete list of orders with statuses against each one. Clicking on any one of these order items reveals detailed information and status for the order with activity logs. Commerce Giant also has a superior notification system that keeps your customers informed of Order status updates via email or SMS.

One Page Checkout

Commerce Giant provides your customers with a really simple checkout process one page. Customers can manage their Shipping Addresses, Billing Addresses, Payment Options and Shipping options all from a single screen. This makes the checkout process effortless for your customers.

Payment Options

Commerce Giants helps you offer multiple payment options to your customers. We can integrate your store with one or more payment gateways of your choice. All payments are handled with maximum security. In addition to online payment options, Commerce Giant helps you offer your customers other options like Store Credit, Cash on Delivery and more.

Shipping Options

Commerce Giant helps you offer multiple shipping options to your customers. The advanced shipping options work in accordance with the shipping rules and calculations you define for local and international shipping. In addition to paid shipping, your customers can choose to Pick Up products from your warehouse. You can also offer shipping discounts for high value orders.

Superior Store Management

Multi Warehouse Inventory Management

With Commerce Giant you can define multiple warehouses for your business in multiple countries and regions. The system helps you manage inventory within each of these warehouses. When an order is placed, the system instantly checks and determines the nearest warehouse where the product is available and passes the order information to that warehouse for shipping with finer details like even the product location in the warehouse.

Multi-Part Order Management

Commerce Giant system automatically completes order preparation for you by assigning the order to the processing staff at the nearest warehouse. If needed, depending on stock availability, the system can automatically split a large order into multiple parts and assign it to multiple warehouses as part orders. Commerce Giant handles all the complex tasks of tracking and notifying the user & employees of updated order statuses.

Advanced Shipping Calculations

Commerce Giant allows you to define weight-based slabs for shipping calculations for automated local and international shipping calculations. With Commerce Giant you can allow your customers to choose the shipping mode required, if you offer more than one. The system automatically analyses the order items and determines the number and size of cartons required for packaging all order items at a warehouse and automatically adds the cost to the order based on the shipping rules specified by you.

Managing Product Returns/RMA

Commerce Giant provides features to track Returns/RMA on the system. A user can initiate Return/RMA process against a product item for an order. This links the Return/RMA task to an order and product making it easy for both your buyer and yourself to manage the process. You can provide updates on the process via the console without the need for any manual communication. The system notifies the buyer of updates.

Advanced Reporting

Commerce Giant provides you detailed reports for various aspects related to the entire system. Users can choose and generate different types of reports depending on the permissions assigned to them for viewing on the computers or printing them.

Integration with your Software Systems

Commerce Giant can optionally be integrated with your existing software systems, be it an ERP System, HR Software, CRM Software, Sales Software, Accounting Software, Inventory Management Software or others, depending on the availability of interface. This means that your employees continue using the existing systems while Commerce Giant handles all the ecommerce related aspects and synchronizes appropriate data with all the other systems in your organization.

Multi Users Types and Groups

Commerce Giant allows registration as a Dealer (requires approval for activation) or Normal Consumer. You can create multiple groups of dealers or consumers depending on various criteria like location, business volume, number of orders and more. You can then apply advanced business rules to each of these users or groups as a whole.

User Management

Commerce Giant allows you to manage, track and learn about your customers and their shopping habits. Find their contact info and order history at a glance. Our platform allows you to set advanced user privileges and separate access for user groups and users.

Discounts, Coupons, Promotions

Commerce Giant allows you to offer discounts, coupons and specials, in addition to advanced pricing rules, to cover the most popular ways to get attention and increase sales on your ecommerce store. You can announce exciting deals on your store to stay ahead of your competition.