Display My Design

3D & 2D Tile Visualization App

Display My Design is a Tile Visualization app for Tile Manufacturers and Dealers, which offers an innovative and interactive tile shopping experience for your customers aided by 3D & 2D Photo Realistic Visualization Technology. One of the biggest difficulties faced by customers when shopping for Tiles, with the plethora of options for brands and designs in the market, is finding the right tile that fits their budget and then visualizing how a tile would look applied to a space. Display My Design is here to help you with that and more.

Display My Design helps you visualize rooms of custom dimensions in a 3D environment, apply tiles to the walls and floor of the room and perform a virtual walk-through of the room in real time. In addition to visualizing tiles in a space, Display My Design gives you accurate estimates of the number of tiles used for the design, cost and much more instantly. Display My Design also offers features for your customers to visualize and experiment with various tile combinations on different spaces and export photo-realistic views in real time. With Display My Design, you give your customers the ability to visualize tiles and patterns applied to spaces in real time.

In addition, Display My Design help you search through a large catalog of tiles and identify tiles that match the customers budget, color choice, brand, application and more with just a few taps of buttons. With Display My Design, it becomes so easy to convince your customers faster and convert a lead to a sale quicker. Display My Design is a feature-rich, yet simple to use, tool that every Tile salesman could use and benefit from.

Key Features

3D Visualization

View your space in 3D, take a full 360 degree walk-through, change the wall and floor tile designs in real-time for a complete virtual experience.

Photo Realistic 2D Views

Select photos and apply customized tile designs to the walls and floor to visualize spaces with different design options and unbelievable realism.

Cloud Managed Tile Library

Customize and experience spaces with a vast tile library consisting of products from the most reputed brands in the country.

Wall Designer

Designing walls with one or more tiles or patterns is made effortless with an advanced wall designer feature.

Pattern Creator

Creating ready-to-apply patterns consisting of multiple tiles is easy with an intuitive pattern creator.

Cam Import

Photographing tiles and importing them into the tile library is made easy with Cam Import feature and tools.

Tile Filters

Finding the right tile is made easy with filters based on criteria like brand, color, price, type and more.

Manage Jobs

You can save, search and loads jobs created for different customers for visualization at any time.


You can export views from both 3D and 2D Modes to multiple image formats for sharing or sending by mail.

Management Console

Control everything including Products, Customers, Offers, News, Notifications and more from a central console.


Convenient subscriptions options that allow users to pay online using their debit or credit cards.

Multi Users

Register as a Dealer or Manufacturer. Manufacturers have privileges to upload their products to the platform.