Embedded Solutions

Embedded Solutions

Today, embedded systems are everywhere including homes, work places, automobiles, factories, hospitals and consumer electronics. The demands for new and complex solutions require high levels of expertise in engineering tools, hardware and software. Our highly capable team of embedded engineers offers project management and technical expertise to help clients develop cost-effective, high-quality electronics products. Naga offers embedded software, hardware, system integration & development, verification (VI&V) and product realization services to customers in various industry segments globally.

Product Development

We do system design and implementation: starting from the product idea through planning, specifications, design and realization up to the finished product. We perform the development, organize and follow the technical verification and production. The greater the challenge, the better!

Communication Interfaces

We can develop products with the communication interface best suited for your needs including Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart, LoRa-WAN, RF communication, IrDA, Ethernet or radio transmission.

Embedded Controllers

We can work on solutions based on anything from high-speed DSP to the smallest micro-controller available.

Sensors and Motors

We integrate all necessary sensors and motors of your system for full interaction with the environment. Your needs are met at the lowest cost and time with maximum reliability.

Programmable Logic

Our IC-design background enables us to optimally utilize programmable logic, be it for increased performance, greater flexibility or as a transition toward your own ASIC.