Indoor Positioning & Proximity Marketing Technology

ESPY presents an innovative and personal shopping experience for your retail store customers aided by smart indoor positioning technology. ESPY works using cutting-edge electronic indoor positioning devices placed in your store. These devices are very small in size, do not require any additional power and can be placed virtually anywhere without any modifications to your existing store.

ESPY is simply awesome as it shows your customers offers based on their current position in the store. For instance, a customer who walks into the bags sections of your store is shown offers and promotions on bags. Say, if the same customer leaves the bags section and proceeds to the shoes section the promotions and offers displayed on the customer's app change to the ones from the shoes section of your store. ESPY is so accurate that it can track position of your customers within a few meters of their position.

In addition, ESPY analytics platform also keeps track of the products of customer interests for each customer, time every customer spends at each section of your store, sections that are most visited by each customer and a lot more. This allows you to launch highly personalized marketing campaigns and offers that interest customers and send them to customers using ESPY via SMS, Email or Push Notifications.

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How ESPY Works

Key Features

Customer Greetings

Identify customers coming into your store and greet them with customized messages.

News & Announcements

Publish news and announcements related to your store to customers.

Featured Promotions

Highlight the best offers in your store separately for customers on their app.

Search Products

Customers can easily search and locate products in your store.

Favorite Products

Customers can shortlist products of interest as favorite products for viewing later.

Store Navigation

Customers can navigate your store using interactive visual floor plans.

Discount Coupons

Make available special discount coupons for all or selected store customers.

Secure Login

All customers login to their apps using a secure phone number based login.

Offline Operation

ESPY mobile apps work without internet too. In-built caching mechanisms allow a full offline operation.

Management Console

Control everything including Products, Customers, Offers, News, Notifications and more from a central console.

Time Tracking

Keep track of how much time each customer spends at different sections of your store.

Visitor Tracking

Keep track of how many visitors have visited your store on a particular date or time.