SmartGantt – Case Study for Podio Customized Web Plugin Software Development

Citrix Podio is a great software platform that allows project teams to Communicate, organize and get work done in one place. What makes Podio special is that it can be customized to fit your project in the most efficient way. With Podio you can define the structure of your content, reports, overviews, alerts and much more, unlike other project management platforms that impose a rigid structure.

What is best about Podio, is that it allows software developers to extend its functionality by way of an online API available on multiple development platforms. Imagine a project management platform that is scalable, flexible, robust, simple to use and extendable to suit virtually any specific business requirements you have. Podio is just that.

There are tens of thousands of Podio extensions available in the market developed to meet specific business needs. We share with you today an extension for Podio, called SmartGantt, that we co-developed with Netherlands based consulting company and Podio Partner – BendixKiel Aps.

SmartGantt helps you take Project Management in Podio to the next level. SmartGantt allows you to visualize your Podio project data on an online real time updated Gantt chart. What’s more, SmartGantt allows you not only to view the data in the form of a Gantt chart, but also allows you to interactively adjust multiple tasks on your project, project deadlines and milestones all from a single browser window. SmartGantt allows you to change start and end dates of individual tasks or postpone an entire project with simple drag-n-drop. The progress of each task and project is visible directly on the Gantt chart bars.

You may even change the progress directly from the Gantt chart, which will be saved to Podio. In addition, you can define dependencies between tasks, which makes sure tasks are linked together. So any change in deadlines on a single task automatically reflects on the dependent tasks.You can also use the filter and sorting functionalities in SmartGantt to focus and view only specific tasks meeting specific criteria. SmartGantt’s Share feature allows you to share your gantt chart with your colleagues effortlessly. Any changes made on your Gantt chart are immediately updated to Podio and vice versa.

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