Automatic Number Plate Recognition AI Solution for Mobile Devices

“Technology made large populations possible; large populations now make technology indispensable.” - Joseph Krutch

SNIPR AutoCop is a high-tech mobile solution created specially for law and enforcement authorities to help them capture vehicle details by simply holding their phone camera facing a vehicle’s number plate and instantly obtain a wide array of information about that vehicle and it’s owner. SNIPR AutoCop makes policing smarter and makes available so much information to law and order officials to help prevent and control crimes.

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SNIPR AutoCop makes use of Advanced Technologies & Algorithms

Image Processing

SNIPR AutoCop uses superior Image Analysis & Artificial Intelligence techniques to identify number plates from an image very fast.

Text Processing

SNIPR AutoCop uses multiple algorithms to identify and segment characters read from the image with high accuracy and speed.


SNIPR AutoCop makes use of a highly modular, robust and scalable cloud back end systems for quick matching of information and data retrieval.

Using SNIPR AutoCop is Easy

Using SNIPR AutoCop could not be simpler. All you need to do is start the app, point the phone's camera at a vehicle's number plate and instantly you receive a number of details regarding the vehicle and it's owner. The details provided include Vehicle Details, Owner Details, Previous Offence Records and much more.

SNIPR AutoCop can collate data from multiple sources

Vehicle Records

Information on the details of the vehicle including ownership, photo of owner, date of registration and more.

Offences Records

Information regarding prior offences registered against the vehicle with details on the date and occurrence of each.

Identity Records

Information on the registered owner can be obtained in detail from the ID records of the Interior Ministry.

SNIPR AutoCop can also be customized to connect and pull in information from other information sources, like Police Records, Criminal Records, Law and Justice Records and more, and present it on the application instantly.