A Digital Incident Reporting Platform for Law and Order Authorities

Beacon is a cloud based Digital Incident Reporting platform that brings together citizens and all law and order agencies in a country. Citizens can report incidents, be it accidents, offenses, crimes, public property damages and more, to multiple authorities using the same app. Law and Order agencies can receive such reports and take appropriate action immediately. Beacon is a suite of applications available for Law and Order Authorities and citizens on the iOS, Android and Web platforms.

Beacon is a single state-of-the-art platform with immense capabilities that can digitally connect the citizens with law and order agencies. The platform is really easy to use and convenient for citizens and authority officials. In addition, Beacon can be integrated with existing software systems used by the Law and Order agencies for automating tasks, saving effort, reducing time and increasing productivity.


A one-of-a-kind digital platform for citizens.


    Citizens can instantly report an incident using the Beacon app and choose multiple authorities to report to (eg: Police, Medical, Fire, Water Department etc). Incident location, photos or videos, description, voice notes and other information can be added by the reporter. The system automatically sends the report to the nearest branch of the reported authorities. An instant Report Number is provided to the citizen for tracking purposes.


    Multiple Authorities (eg: Police, Medical, Fire, Water Department etc) can be added and managed on the platform. Multiple units/branches and personnel with each authority can be added. Fine grained access control systems make possible a powerful Role Management System for managing personnel. Once added and activated the different authorities and their branches can start receiving reports from citizens in their jurisdiction.


    Beacon offers a powerful Incident Panel to receive real time incident reports for immediate actioning. Authorities have access to the console for viewing and managing all reports by citizens. A received report can be assigned to a field personnel or transferred to another personnel. The system provides powerful analytics and reporting features for authorities.


    The system tracks the progress of a report created by citizen starting from reporting to closure. If no action is taken on a particular report for a pre-defined time interval, the system automatically notifies higher authorities. Officials working on a report can add notes with attachments to that particular report. Once the report has been addressed, attending authority officials can mark the status of report as completed. Complete audit logs are available for tracking actions by officials.


    Authorities can issue alerts and warnings to either all citizens or citizens in a specific region. For example, a weather warning can be issued by the Weather Department or police can issue a Wanted notice for a criminal or Public Works Department can issue warning to citizens about a road closed for repair work etc. Descriptions, image and video attachments can be included with such alerts and warnings. The authorities can also define the expiry time for such alerts.


    Authorities can use Beacon to create fine tickets and send to the concerned citizens. Citizens can track their fine tickets on the platform, raise a dispute or pay the fine online. Receipts for paid fine tickets can be tracked using the app. Instant notifications are sent to the citizen and to the authorities whenever a new ticker is added or when a fine is paid.

Why Beacon

  • One app for all authorities. Makes it convenient for citizens and government.
  • One of a kind solution that is intuitive and simple to use
  • The system can be integrated with existing systems.
  • Highly customizable solution that can be tailored to suit your needs
  • Top class security features
  • Made with cutting-edge technologies
  • Highly scalable, robust and resilient
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Available on iOS, Android and Web
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