We created an augmented reality app that allows users to find the perfect venue for food and drink preferences. The app highlights, deals offers promotions and gifts given by restaurants, coffee shops, bars, pubs and nightclubs by just scanning through your mobile.

Users can create routes, add friends, find promotions, gifts, deals and receive fantastic offers from restaurants, cafes and bars to make their experience the very best it can be. This app is designed for everyone from students, professionals, locals and tourists.

Augmented Reality for Exploring the City


  • Search for various Venues around you on a Map
  • Augmented Reality view, so you can simply point your camera at your surroundings and find venues like Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bars, Pubs and more near you
  • Filter your search to find a Venue that suits your unique needs
  • Rate and Review Venues
  • Receive offer updates from a venue on your phone as you get near that venue
  • Redeem Offers from a Venue using QR Code
  • Fun In-Venue contests using Augmented Reality objects. Tipll is the Pokemon-Go for Shops and Restaurants.
  • Push and email notifications
  • In-App notifications center to make sure users do not miss any updates
  • Users can Create Routes including their favorite Venues and add it to the platform for the public to access.
  • Users can create a Night out and invite their friends to join it.
  • Users can track the location of their friends on a map on the app
  • View recommendations based on your location and interests
  • Rich User Profiles
  • Tipll has an ever increasing number of Venues
  • Available on both IOS and Android