ItemsHub is a sophisticated e-commerce solution developed ground-up for a client based in Bahrain for selling industrial products like heavy machines, tools and equipment, along with their accessories and composite parts in a very intuitive and interactive way. The platform offers advanced features for managing all aspects of client business processes and operations in multiple countries.


Most widely used e-commerce platforms in the market are built from scratch for B2C operations. Our client being a B2B company, with warehouses and offices spread across multiple countries, were not happy with what most popular e-commerce platforms had to offer.

In addition, they were using SAGE ERP across the organization for all their accounting and inventory management needs. They wanted their e-commerce system to be connected with SAGE and other internal software systems (like HR Management System, Dealer Management System and so on).

It was clear that the client needed a customized solution that would not only cater to their unique requirements, but also provide the required scale and robustness to support their rapid expansion in multiple countries and markets.


NAGA realized early on that ItemsHub is a company that wants to set the pace, not just keep up with it. They did not want just another e-commerce website. They wanted a platform that would allow them to access untapped markets across the world and take their business to the next level.

With the customized e-commerce solution NAGA has developed for ItemsHub, we’ve not only provided advanced e-commerce features unavailable on popular e-commerce platform, but havealso adapted the e-commerce solution to work with the client’s existing software systems and processes.

Our client continues to use their existing internal software systems like their ERP software, HR Management Software, Inventory Management Software, Vendor Systems and more, all of which work seamlessly with the e-commerce platform NAGA has developed.

Product Features

  • Advanced Products, Parts and Accessories Management.
  • Multi user types (dealers, sellers and customers) for B2B and B2C orders.
  • Custom Attribute definitions for products and parts
  • User group definitions for easier categorization and management
  • CSV based product import
  • Visibility and pricing business rules definition for specific users and groups
  • Catalog Management with Categories & Sub-Categories
  • Interactive diagrammatic product view for complex machine parts sales with product diagram mapping tools.
  • Advanced search algorithms for product and parts search
  • Feature-rich shopping cart with Save, Load, Sort, Print and other options
  • Multi-warehouse, multi-country support for inventory management
  • Multiple shipping options and calculation rules settings
  • Automated order assignment based on stock values in nearest warehouses
  • Order Management and Tracking
  • Automated split-up of a single order into different parts based on product stock availability in warehouses.
  • Discounts, coupons and promotions
  • Bulk order feature for dealers with optional CSV import
  • Fully integrated with existing software systems of the client like ERP, HR, Payroll, Vendor Order Management and more
  • Advanced Reporting with Analytics
  • Template editor for editing appearance of existing and creating new pages
  • Multi country, multi currency
  • Automated notifications to buyer, seller and employees for update in order status
  • TAX calculations
  • Wish list
  • Responsive and SEO compliant
  • Newsletters