EzyRent is a must have app for Landlords and Tenants. It makes renting a property, paying/collecting rent, managing contracts and a lot more effortless. EzyRent can be a digital collection agent/assistant for landlords.

The Challenge

As a landlord or agent managing one or more tenants, it can become a challenging task to monitor contracts and track rent payments, especially so when the terms and conditions, rent intervals, start dates and other criteria vary for properties. The task becomes increasingly cumbersome as the number of properties and tenants to manage increases. Most landlords or agents are not comfortable using advanced accounting tools and invoicing platforms. This leaves a void for a solution that gets their job done without being difficult to use.

The Solution

EzyRent comes loaded with a wide array of features out of the box for both Tenants and Landlords. It allows landlords or agents to manage all their properties on one app.

EzyRent alerts and allows you to track rent payments for your properties to ensure a payout date is never missed. Tenants can pay rent on the app from the comfort of their home or office with EzyRent’s online secure payment system.

Landlords or agents receive instant notifications about various activities and payments from the platform to ensure they stay updated all the time and even when they are on the move.

Last but not the least, EzyRent is really simple to use that anyone can use it with ease. It helps save tenant and landlords/agents so much time, money and effort that would otherwise be required to manage properties, tenants and their rent payments.