Insider is a feature-rich cloud-based solution developed ground-up for a client based in Bahrain for managing all aspects related to HR, Dealer Management, Payroll & more.


With their company growing rapidly and operations starting in multiple countries, our client in Bahrain was facing challenges of managing aspects related to key stakeholders in their business, including their management, employees, dealers, customers, suppliers and more. It became difficult for them to find one system that could address all their unique requirements.

The company, headed by young and dynamic second generation businessmen, approached NAGA to work on a technology based solution to address these numerous challenges.

The Solution

We worked with the client to deliver a fully custom developed comprehensive solution in multiple phases. The solution we developed is currently used to manage the client’s entire workforce which is over 1000 members strong. All day-to-day activities are completely computerized on Insider eliminating any need for physical files or papers. The increase in productivity of the staff has been manifolds post the implementation of the system. The management now has full central control and monitoring capabilities of their staff spread across multiple countries and most tasks are fully automated.

Below provided is a detailed list of features available on the system:

  • Employee Profile Management
  • Department Management
  • Work time tracking with Biometric system integration
  • Leave Request, Approvals & Management (Sick, Casual, Annual, Carry Forwards and more)
  • IT Request Management
  • Employee contract management
  • Monthly fully automated Payroll Generation with Separate Requests for All Banks for Salary Processing
  • Salary Slip Generation and Export in PDF from profile for each user
  • Employee Calendar
  • Multi Level user-configurable approvals for all requests
  • PAF
  • Employee Dashboard
  • Permission Managed Access to Modules
  • Dealer Management
  • Supervisor Management
  • Overtime tracking with supervisor approval and overtime pay calculations
  • Onsite Employees Tracking
  • Travel Request Management
  • Marketing Request Management
  • GOSI calculations
  • Employee Loan Management
  • Dealer Invoices Tracking
  • Dealer Loyalty Program
  • File Management
  • Automated notifications for tasks
  • Employee Final Settlement Report Generation
  • Multi Country, Multi Office Management
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Company News
  • Analytics
  • And more