Centaur powers instant, digital loan application   experiences on cloud and mobile platforms. Centaur enables banks and financial organizations to make lending decisions quickly  and accurately.

Centaur is geared to enhance operational productivity and deliver an exemplary customer servicing experience to banks and financial institutions by creating efficient and streamlined  processes for loan origination and decisioning. Centaur helps manage customers in multiple branches and locations through a single platform.

Product Features

The following features are part of Centaur:

  • Centaur increases productivity by streamlining the processes involved in Loan Application and Decision making improving Customer Satisfaction and Turn Around Times.
  • Centaur eliminates the need for paper based files for applications by completely digitizing the processes for Loan Application and Management
  • Eliminates errors caused during manual processes
  • All the decision makers use Centaur to Approve Loans from one phase to another until a final decision is made
  • The number of different departments and people can be customized on Centaur to suit the business requirements of each bank or financial institution
  • Centaur supports creating multiple Branches in different countries
  • Centaur provides different customizable user roles like Loan Officers, Branch Managers, Credit Department Staff, Operations Department Staff, Finance Department Staff and more
  • Centaur can work with Multiple Products of a Bank or Financial Institutions.
  • Centaur manages Digital Copies of Documents related to all applications centrally in a secure repository.
  • Centaur users are notified instantly by Mail, SMS and Push Notifications about any update in status of the loan applications they are associated with
  • Centaur incorporates a Lock Down Mechanism to promote Timely Action by staff on Loan Applications. Staff are required to take an Action on an Application received with a pre-defined number of days, failing which the application will be locked for them and they have to request higher authority to unlock.
  • Centaur provides customized dashboards for different user roles with access to analytics to monitor staff performance
  • Centaur can be integrated with existing software systems and can act as a Front Facing system that handles tasks from Loan Origination until Decisioning