Citrix Podio is a great project management and collaboration platform that allows project teams to Communicate, Organize and Get Work done in one place. With Podio you can define the structure of your content, reports, overviews, alerts and much more, unlike other project management platforms that impose a rigid structure.

Report Generation is an essential thing when it comes to organizations, regardless of the industry they belong to. Podio has built in reporting functionalities that allows users to generate simple reports based on the data contained within their Organizations and Workspaces.


While simple reporting does help many organizations, a large number of organizations require customized reports or documents based on their data. Also, it becomes a tedious task for organizations when they have to generate separate reports for different records in their data. For instance, generating a Student Report for every single student of the school in a pre-defined format could take days or even weeks to complete if done manually, not to mention the increased chances of making errors. Generating reports aside, sharing with multiple people and collaborating with them also becomes difficult when done manually. This is an area that a lot of businesses desire could be addressed.

The Solution

Advanced Printing Templates is a custom-developed extension for Podio based on the cloud, developed for a US based client. With a push of a button users can print a template, automatically route their template to anyone for approval, push information to potential customers, even send to a client for signature.

Print allows users to properly incorporate their vital brand image and professionalism to all templates they create. Linking podio data is simple with the user interface. Drag and drop data into templates for easy creations and use the single sign-on feature to link a Podio account to Print templates. The system also has a direct connection with DocVerify, an online document signature service, to attach a .pdf to the users’ Podio item.

The following features were part of the final solution:

  • Single Sign-On feature for Podio customers
  • WYSIWYG Editor for Creating Templates by Dragging and Dropping fields and media to the document
  • Support for all Podio fields including calculation field scripts
  • Real-time preview option by selecting a Podio Item
  • Option to automatically attach the PDF file to an item within Podio
  • Subscriptions management and tracking
  • Choice of multiple subscription plans and online booking with card payment facilities for users
  • Real time application schema import for Template Creation
  • Export option to export the preview to PDF/JPG format
  • Remote Trigger processing to respond to Print button presses on item from within Podio and to automatically process and attach the PDF to that item
  • Customer Management