The Challenge

For a growing business, communicating with and tracking multiple sales executives across the city can be a tedious task. Improving the sales, accountability and productivity of your field sales team requires tracking them closely. Most businesses, for this reason, fail to productively collaborate with their sales teams and are unable to make quick decisions based on sales progress.

Our Solution

MySalesTroop is a sophisticated sales force management and real-time GPS location based tracking system. With MySalesTroop you not only get to see real-time updates on sales rep’s locations, but also can track the progress of their meetings, ongoing negotiations, closures, client statuses and more. This lets you track and make productive decisions about sales progress.

MySalesTroop provides GPS-enables mobile application for use by field sales teams and a web-based console for use by the administrator, management and marketing staff working from the office. MySalesTroop comes loaded with a plethora of features right out of the box.

Key Features

Bird’s Eye
MySalesTroop gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire sales team’s location at once, on a single map. This eliminates the need for you to track your team member’s locations individually. The location tracked is accurate to within a range of a few meters. A pin with the photo of your team member is dropped on the map to show their present position making it really easy to monitor and track multiple people at once.

Assign Work from Anywhere
MySalesTroop allows you to assign and plan daily work to sales team members online. You can assign and prioritize the order of customers or prospects to visit from anywhere and at any time of the day for each of your sales team members. The team members will be able to see all the pending tasks for the day prioritized properly on their mobile app.

Prospects, Customers and Opportunities
MySalesTroop allows you to manage details for existing Customers, Prospects and the Opportunities related to them very effectively. Details of when the customer or prospect was last visited, the status after the last visit, the next expected action, the status of an opportunity and more can be viewed in detail. A detailed log of the history of actions completed by the sales team with regards to a particular opportunity can also be viewed.

Time Worked, Distance Covered
MySalesTroop helps you track the total number of hours worked and the total distance covered as part of work by each sales team member in a day. This information is accumulated in the system and can be used to generate comprehensive reports that can be used in payroll calculations. The system also lists the top performing employees based on various criteria for a month.

Powerful Reporting
MySalesTroop helps you generate several useful reports based on various criteria. Our multi-filter system allows you to generate very useful reports combining multiple criteria for almost any entity in the system whether it be a sale, a customer, an employee, a specific date range, specific statuses for an opportunity or more.

Customized Dashboards & Views
MySalesTroop provides customized dashboard and data views for each employee depending on their privileges and roles within the system.