We developed a comprehensive and scalable Online Magazine software for a UK based client of ours. More than just delivering a digital edition of a magazine, our solution allows realizing of true potential of the digital publishing channels and the business opportunities that come with it.

The Challenge

Our client based in the UK is a reputed Online Magazine with over 25 Million readers and is one which experiences heavy traffic (of up to 120,000 users at a time). The client wished to develop a completely new site adding more dynamic functionalities than what they had on the old site. However, with around 60,000 Articles already published on the current site and a considerably large traffic volume from multiple countries, the new site had to be carefully planned and executed.

The Solution

We worked closely with the client to define the features they expected from the new site. Our requirement gathering process also included studying the existing site carefully and thoroughly. To achieve high levels of scalability, we adopted several techniques including:

  1. Pre Processing of Content to avoid real time processing of requests
  2. Delivering content over a Content Delivery Network with servers located in multiple regions
  3. Setting up virtual infrastructure that automatically scales up and down according to the traffic load on the site
  4. Using a Highly Scalable Micro Services Architecture for the Cloud Software
  5. Using lightweight server software technologies
  6. Using an Enterprise Database package with Multiple Slaves and deployed in multiple regions

The following features were part of the solution we created:

Smart Tools for Authors
The solution allows one or more Authors to collaborate on producing brilliant Articles. It offers smart tools, including Content Editors, Media Managers, Template Selectors and more, to users to help compose, preview and publish articles easily. The software also has auto locking mechanisms in place to make sure that no two authors overwrite each other’s work when collaborating on an article.

Designed to Suit Content
The solution provides multiple templates that Authors and Editors can choose for their Articles. For instance, one of the Text based Article Templates can be used for articles with only text. Similarly, Authors can choose between different templates for Image or Video based articles to maximize the effectiveness of the article. The solution has several ready available templates to choose from. In addition, customized templates can easily be added to the system to suit specific needs of the Magazine.

The Perfect Presentation
The solution allows Authors and Editors to define multiple Teaser Images and Templates for their Articles. Then, with the click of a single button users can run sophisticated AB Tests for a pre-defined interval of time to identify the Content or Layout that has generated maximum number of traffic for that article. Once the pre-defined time is over, the software selects the best performing Teaser Text, Images and Template for the article and updates the article with them automatically. The users with the necessary privileges can override these defaults easily if needed.

Arranged for Ease of Browsing
Our solution allows users to publish Articles into different main categories. The main categories appear on the main menu on the site and clicking on each category leads the user to a page with articles belonging to that category alone. In addition, Categories are color coded throughout the Online Newspaper or Magazine for easy identification and intuitive user experiences.

Boost Traffic Like Never Before
Our solution allows publishers to publish Articles to major Social Media platforms and News Sites like Facebook, Google, Apple News and more with the click of a single button. With absolutely no additional effort, the articles appear on these platforms and help drive more traffic to the Magazine. In addition, end customers can use the Share buttons on the articles to share them to their preferred Social Media platforms.

Know Your Users
The solution allows users to register on the platform with their email id or their social accounts. Registering on the site is free hardly takes a few seconds. A user account allows users to customize their browsing experience.

Powerful Revenue Generation
The solution is built ground-up to be a platform that generates substantial revenue for Magazines. Our solution integrates Advertisement blocks throughout the site and apps. It can work with different ad providers to provide the best results without disturbing content. Magazines start generating revenue from Day 1. In addition, the solution incorporates analysis features that alerts Magazines about change in trends of Ad Revenues and gives important suggestions based on that.