Unfolding The Secret Of Being Happy At Work

Happy is the key to every thing you do. A single happy face works as a catalyst to create drastic changes on our behavior, thoughts, believes and views. A positive attitude is the realm of best result and assis...


Tactics To Deal With An Employee Who Is Habitually Late At Office

Employee: Excuse me for being late to work. Manager: Where have you been? Employee: I was getting stuck with traffic Manager: That’s too bad. Please come early so that it doesn’t happen again....


The Impact Of Motivation On Employee’s Performance

A milestone in the success of an organization is to fulfill the continuous changing needs of organization and employees. Heavy responsibility falls on top management to develop strong relationship between them....


What Prompts An Employee To Become A Job Hopper?

People quit their jobs for a wide variety of reasons. While every situation is unique, most of reasons why people quit their job is something that could have been controlled by the company. Every employee has c...