E-Commerce Is The New Normal For Businesses

COVID-19 has completely solidified the need for e-commerce. The movement restrictions aimed to protect public health and growing consumer preference to avoid physical stores has impacted the retail landscape. This has lead to a surge in e-commerce and accelerated digital transformation. Data from IBM’s US Retail Index suggests that the pandemic has accelerated the shift away from retail stores to digital shopping by 5 Years. Without a doubt, COVID-19 global pandemic is one of the defining events of 2020, and it will have implications that last well into the decade.

We’ve deployed several e-commerce platforms for clients, spanning multiple industries across the globe, for over a decade now. We are really ecstatic to learn that these solutions have helped some of these businesses thrive during the pandemic, while some of the businesses have been able to boost their business and expand to newer markets.

Over 80% of the e-commerce platforms we’ve built have been for clients who’ve never owned or had the experience running one before. A lot of those clients were apprehensive initially about adopting technology into their organizations. That is where our talented people, tools, technologies, processes, frameworks and client-oriented methodologies have worked in tandem to help us deliver an amazing collaborative working experience to our clients. We’ve not just built e-commerce solution for our clients but have assisted in the digital transformation within their organizations.

Setting up your own online store is not a challenge. E-commerce is the new normal for businesses in these challenging times.

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