Online Ordering & Delivery Management Solutions for Restaurants & Stores

FlyCommerce is a white-labeled Online Ordering & Delivery Management solution for restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets and pharmacies. Offer your customers the convenience of ordering and tracking orders from their homes or offices! Launch your own Online Ordering & Delivery Website & Mobile Apps in no time.

Developing a customized delivery system can take thousands of hours of work, considerable amount of money and involves lots of challenges. This is where FlyCommerce helps. We have a readily-available white-labeled solution that can help you avoid all the hassles of developing a sophisticated food ordering platform and release your own products on the Web and Mobile platforms in no-time, and a fraction of the cost.

Our solution consists of:
– Customer Ordering Website
– Customer Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)
– Delivery Boy Mobile App
– Shop Branch Panel
– Administration Panel

You can focus on growing your business and we’ll handle the technology part of it!

We believe in getting closer than ever to our customers. So close that we tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.