Indoor Positioning and Navigation Using Beacons

Beacons are a low-cost, easy-to-use piece of hardware that run on batteries and use low-energy Bluetooth (BLE) connections to transmit messages or prompts directly to a mobile phone or tablet up to 50 meters away. Beacons are one-way transmitters; they detect nearby devices in order to send them messages, but the target devices don’t send information back to the beacons. Multiple beacons can be positioned around an area, such as inside a store or airport, to broadcast relevant information to portable devices within their proximity. The receiving application on a Smartphone or Tablet can be used to react to, engage with or use the information for multiple purposes like location specific alerts, turn-by-turn indoor navigation, indoor positioning, promotions and much more.

Until beacons came along, the physical world and how we use it has been largely uncharted territory. Marketing gurus are exploiting this new technology to the full for driving brand engagement and driving an increase in purchases in the retail sector. Combined with software technology, beacons provide retailers with useful information about who uses their stores – their age, gender, what they looked at and a lot more. Trials in the retail sectors in various countries have shown that with the use of beacon technology:

  • Interactions with advertised products have increased

  • More people are using the app in-store for a better shopping experience

  • More people retained the app on their phone than before

  • New customers visited the store

  • Store revenues increased

  • New types of digital promotion techniques were implemented to success

ESPY – Personalizing Your Customer’s Shopping Experience

We’d like to introduce one of our latest solutions – ESPY, based on Beacon Technology, aimed at the retail sector for Indoor Positioning & Proximity Marketing. ESPY can be used to promote products and offers to your customers based on their actual position in your store. ESPY works using cutting-edge electronic indoor positioning devices placed in your store. These devices are very small in size, do not require any additional power and can be placed virtually anywhere without any modifications to your existing store. ESPY develops customized mobile apps for your store that your customers can download to their phones from the online app stores for iOS and Android. These apps interact with the in-store positioning devices to deliver a highly personal and interactive shopping experience. We also make available a comprehensive web based management console that allows you (as a store owner) to define and manage promotions, offers, announcements, product categories and other details that your customers see on your app in real-time.

With the basic setup done, ESPY starts working seamlessly in your store. It shows your customers offers based on their current position in the store. For instance, a customer who walks into the bags sections of your store is shown offers and promotions on bags. Say, if the same customer leaves the bags section and proceeds to the shoes section the promotions and offers displayed on the customer’s app change to the ones from the shoes section of your store. ESPY is so accurate that it can track position of your customers within a few meters of their position in your store. In addition, ESPY analytics platform also keeps track of the products of customer interests for each customer, time every customer spends at each section of your store, sections that are most visited by each customer and a lot more. This allows you to launch highly personalized marketing campaigns and offers that interest customers and send them to customers using ESPY via SMS, Email or Push Notifications.

ESPY is white labeled for each customer because every store demands an integrated shopping experience for its customers using the store’s own brand themes, look, feel and presentation. This is the reason we offer ESPY as a customized service so that your customers feel that ESPY is an integral part of your brand and store experience.