Loan Decisioning System Transforms Micro Finance Company Overnight

We just recently released a new update for a Loan Origination and Decisioning System that we’d developed three years back and have been maintaining since for a Saudi Arabia based Micro Finance Company. The project we have completed for the company, consisting of over 20 branches across the Kingdom, is a perfect case study of how automation can streamline the commercial loan origination process in a Financial Institution, increase productivity of its lending officers and make its customers happier.Whether you are a School, College, University, Training Institution, Personal Instructor or Corporate Organization, e-Learning has the potential to transform your organization.

It gives us immense happiness to know that loan applications, which previously took weeks (even months in some cases) to go through the organization’s multi-department approval process, are now streamlined and being processed in a matter of a few days. The overall productivity and efficiency of the organization has also increased manifolds.

In addition, the software, developed for Desktop, iOS and Android platforms, integrates with the company’s existing financial software systems, making synchronization of data between them really simple and fully automated.

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