The Impact Of Motivation On Employee’s Performance

A milestone in the success of an organization is to fulfill the continuous changing needs of organization and employees. Heavy responsibility falls on top management to develop strong relationship between them. Organizations expect employees to follow the rules and regulations, work according to the standards set for them; the employees expect good working conditions, fair pay, fair treatment, secure career, power and involvement in decisions. For organizations to address their expectation, an understanding of employee motivation is required.

The concept of motivation is mainly psychological. It relates to those forces operating with the individual employees or subordinate which impel him/her to act or not to act in certain ways. Motivation is a significant factor which encourages persons to give their best performance and help in reaching enterprise goals. A strong positive motivation will enable the increased output of employees but a negative motivation will reduce the same performance.

It is the psychological process of creating urge among the subordinates to do certain things on his/her ability to do work and the motivation. By motivation the employees are boosted to act effectively. An employee rightly motivated by a supervisor should perform better in his specific job. The supervisor also provides clear coaching. The small business mission statement should point an employee to a definition of success.

Motivated employees perform better. If you offer commission to sales person, she/he typically tries harder to sell more. Likewise, if you motivate by threatening to reduce the hours of an under performing employee, he/she may also try harder to prevent the negative consequence of the motivation. This carrot and stick approach to motivation is common to many realms.

It is felt,in general all types of industrial organization that there is a need for better understanding of employees when and where they perform well. One of the greatest challenges before the management is to improve level of efficiency and productivity. The solution of these problems lies not only in the modern sophisticated scientific technology but also in the attitude and behavior of people. Every year lakhs of rupees were spend on training and development to be more productive and to accept and handle great responsibility. Therefore it is essential to develop positive and productive oriented behavior.

Higher motivation leads to job satisfaction of the workers which can reduce absenteeism, turnover and labor unrest. This will create better industrial relations in the enterprise. Since there are opportunities in the organization for the need satisfaction of the workers, they will be more committed to the organization and better workforce will be willing to join the organization. Motivation will also foster team spirit among the workers and increase their loyalty to the work group.

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